About Us

Nigerian-Constitution is a non-governmental,  non-religious and non-partisan independent project aimed at making the Nigerian constitution easily available for download, online.

Beyond that, the key focus is not just about downloading the constitution, but actually reading it.

Consequently, this version is fully hyper-linked via the table of contents, making navigation to the different sections very easy and fun. This interactive property of this version, while making it easy to navigate around the document, will encourage the actual reading. Less time will therefore be spent on scrolling and searching for the different sections.

With an increased knowledge and awareness of the constitution, Nigerians will be in a better position to contribute towards the constitutions amendments, or any form of change. Modifying, or improving what is not fully understood is not a feasible exercise, and since the constitution is binding on all, it is inevitable that everyone is educated on it’s provisions.

Join spread the message.

Long Live The Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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