Nigeria-Constitution.Com does not lay claim over ownership of the Nigerian constitution, the text content, nor take credit, whether implied or explicit, for the content of the Nigerian constitution. No deliberate attempt was made to edit or modify the original source document. Any variation(s) of word(s) or punctuation(s), is either typographical error or as is in the original constitution.

Being a soft copy, the formatting and layout of this interactive version may vary from the original source constitution, but the individual content has not been tampered in any way whatsoever.

As the constitution is constantly being updated by the authorized law makers, the interactive version of Nigerian-Constitution.Com might not reflect the most recent changes in the constitution, at any point in time.

It is therefore recommended that effort should be made to get the most recent copy of the constitution from the appropriate body, if that is so desired.

If and where there happens to be any minor or significant variation(s), the original constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria takes precedence.

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