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Third Schedule. Part 2. A – State Civil Service Commission


Schedule 3 Part 2 A

1. A State Civil Service Commission shall comprise the following members –

(a) a Chairman; and
(b) not less than two and not more than four other persons, who shall, in the opinion of the Governor, be persons of unquestionable integrity and sound political judgment.

2. (1) The Commission shall have power without prejudice to the powers vested in the Governor and the State Judicial Service Commission to –
(a) appoint persons to offices in the State civil service; and
(b) dismiss and exercise disciplinary control over persons holding such offices.

3. The Commission shall not exercise any of its powers under sub-paragraph (1) of this paragraph in respect of such offices of heads of divisions of Ministries or of departments of the Government of the State as may from time to time be designated by an order made by the Governor except after consultation with the Head of the Civil Service of the State.

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