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Chapter 6. Part 2. Section 200. Qualification for membership



(1) No person shall be qualified for appointment as a member of any of the bodies aforesaid if –
(a) he is not qualified or if he is disqualified for election as a member of a House of Assembly;
(b) he has within the preceding ten years, been removed as a member of any of the bodies or as the holder of any other office on the ground of misconduct.

(2) Any person employed in the public service of a State shall not be disqualified for appointment as Chairman or member of any of such bodies provided that where such a person has been duly appointed, he shall on his appointment be deemed to have resigned his former office as from the date of the appointment.

(3) No person shall be qualified for appointment to any of the bodies aforesaid, if, having previously been appointed as a member otherwise than as an ex officio member of that body, he has been re-appointed for a further term as a member of the same body.

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