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First Schedule. Part 2. Definition and Area Councils of Federal Capital Territory, Abuja


Schedule 1 Part 2

1. Definition of Federal Capital Territory Abuja
The definition of the boundaries of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja referred to under Chapters 1 and VIII of this Constitution is as follows:

Starting from the village called Izom on 7oE Longitude and 9o 15 Latitude, project a straight line westward to a point just north of Lehu on the Kemi River, then project a line along 6 o 47 ½ ‘ E southward passing close to the villages called Semasu, Zui and Bassa down to a place a little west of Abaji town; thence project a line along parallel 8o 27 ½ ‘N Latitude to Ahinza village 7o 6″ on Kanama River); thence a straight line to Buga Village on 8o 30 ‘N Latitude and 7″ 20’E Longitude; thence draw a line northwards joining the villages of Odu, Karshi and Karu. From Karu the line shall proceed along the boundary between the Niger and Plateau States as far as Kawu; thence the line shall proceed along the boundary between Kaduna and Niger States up to a point just north of Bwari village, hence the line goes straight to Zuba village and thence straight to Izom.

2. Federal Capital Territory, Abuja
Area Councils

Area Council Headquarters
Abaji Abaji
Abuja Municipal Garki
Bwari Bwari
Gwagwalada Gwagwalada
Kuje Kuje
Kwali Kwali

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