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Category: D – Political Parties

Chapter 6 Section 229

Chapter 6. Part 3. Section 229. Interpretation

In this Part of this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires “association” means any body of persons corporate or unincorporate who agree to act...

Chapter 6 Section 228

Chapter 6. Part 3. Section 228. Powers of the national assembly with respect to political parties

The National Assembly may by law provide (a) for the punishment of any person involved in the management or control of any political party found after due inquiry to...

Chapter 6 Section 227

Chapter 6. Part 3. Section 227. Prohibition of quasi-military organisations

No association shall retain, organise, train or equip any person or group of persons for the purpose of enabling them to be employed for the use or display of physical...

Chapter 6 Section 226

Chapter 6. Part 3. Section 226. Annual reports on finances

(1) The Independent National Electoral commission, shall in every year prepare and submit to the National Assembly a report on the accounts and balance sheet of every...

Chapter 6 Section 225

Chapter 6. Part 3. Section 225. Finances of political parties

(1) Every political party shall, at such times and in such manner as the independent National Electoral Commission and publish a statement of its assets and liabilities....

Chapter 6 Section 224

Chapter 6. Part 3. Section 224. Aims and objectives

The programme as well as the aims and objects of a political party shall conform with the provisions of Chapter II of this Constitution.

Chapter 6 Section 223

Chapter 6. Part 3. Section 223. Constitution and rules of political parties

(1) The constitution and rules of a political party shall (a) provide for the periodical election on a democratic basis of the principal officers and members of the...

Chapter 6 Section 222

Chapter 6. Part 3. Section 222. Restrictions on formation of political parties

No association by whatever name called shall function as a party, unless (a) the names and addresses of its national officers are registered with the Independent...

Chapter 6 Section 221

Chapter 6. Part 3. Section 221. Prohibition of political activities by certain associations

No association, other than a political party, shall canvass for votes for any candidate at any election or contribute to the funds of any political party or to the...